Case Studies

Our Success Stories

Discover how we helped our clients achieve their digital goals

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to established corporations, and helping them achieve their digital goals. Our case studies showcase some of our proudest moments and demonstrate the results we’ve been able to deliver for our clients.
Clear View Auto Glass TT

The Director of Clear View Auto had been seeking to provide an adaptable yet accommodating way for clients to reach them regionally as they were seeking to conquer the challenges of the 21st Century.

After conferring with CariWebs Development Team, a solution through digital operations was settled on for showcasing their Specialty Auto Glass Tools as an authorized distributor among their many notable services.

Through backend configuration & programmed structure, they are able to facilitate the option for online payments as they are also exporters to the Caribbean region.

Fyzool Supermarket

Living in a world where technology is expeditiously becoming the tool for expansion, this community supermarket wanted to be able to provide suitable methods of shopping for their loyal customers & the wider region. Persons were complaining of the long wait time, standing in lines just to be able to get groceries, something had to be done to facilitate the customers needs & provide comfort and convenience to their shopping experience.

This Business owner shared his vision with a member of the CariWebs team. After analyzing their current presence, the team at CariWebs were able to bring this vision to a reality.

Developing their omnipresent digital supermarket, they are now able to meet the demands of consumers far & wide, enabling a simple, safe & effective way to facilitate the day to day purchase of essential items with safe & prompt delivery systems.


Trinidad Offshore Fabrication Company were seeking to redesign their business’ website as their present site did not reflect their updated projects, the layout was archaic & their brand were not being well represented.

Reinventing the magnificence of TOFCO was paramount to CariWebs. Trinidad Offshore Fabricators, (TOFCO), is a world-class provider with over a decade of expertise in fabrication, construction and offshore services for the oil and gas industry.

We worked to capture their brand’s identity by designing and implementing a visually stunning new user experience.

Our development team custom designed the bold new site for the TOFCO’s Brand representing their expertise, establishing their position as the country’s only Offshore Fabrication Company!

Agri-Savers Ltd

With Businesses being reshaped all over the world, the agricultural sector is not being left behind. People were flocking to these businesses more than ever as they were now seeing the value of having their own homegrown vegetables. Not only that, but they required the tools and advise on how to tackle this new endeavor.

Agri-Savers wanted to expand their business, to reach persons not only in the limited to their region but the rural areas too. They already provided delivery so there was nothing stopping them except a partner to bring their dream into existence.

CariWebs came into play after seeing their Facebook ads. Our team spent time in discussions, properly detailing the process of development & implementation to bring this expectation to a reality.

Agri-Savers is not just limited to basic agriculture, but they have expanded their knowledge base to Hydroponics, Marine & Pet Supplies, Garden Care with both Chemical & Organic Products & Tools & so much more.

CariWebs worked together with the directors to deliver a seamless environment that would enable purchases, locally & regionally. Proper systems were in place to ensure persons had accurate information on each product & the automated framework ensures that the business keeps running, 24/7.

Puff N Stuff

Once the pandemic reached our shores, Puff n Stuff took the initiative to change the dynamics of their regular business. They needed a partner to fully represent their history, bringing the service to their loyal customers instead of having their business & brand falter with the ravages of existing in the pandemic that was causing havoc on the economy.

Once the country headed into a lockdown, they had to think of innovative methods to bring service to their loyal customers. This would have been the prime motivator in deciding on digital expansion.

Puff n Stuff had no qualms with choosing CariWebs as their digital agency for illustrating their brand, creating a delightful design & social campaigns to reach the clients.

CariWebs implemented the method of contactless payments and simplified shopping for loyal clients, custom portals as per specifications of Puff n Stuff’s visionary directors as they expressed a great need for keeping their customers safe during the pandemic.