Agri-Savers Ltd

With Businesses being reshaped all over the world, the agricultural sector is not being left behind. People were flocking to these businesses more than ever as they were now seeing the value of having their own homegrown vegetables. Not only that, but they required the tools and advise on how to tackle this new endeavor.

Agri-Savers wanted to expand their business, to reach persons not only in the limited to their region but the rural areas too. They already provided delivery so there was nothing stopping them except a partner to bring their dream into existence.

CariWebs came into play after seeing their Facebook ads. Our team spent time in discussions, properly detailing the process of development & implementation to bring this expectation to a reality.

Agri-Savers is not just limited to basic agriculture, but they have expanded their knowledge base to Hydroponics, Marine & Pet Supplies, Garden Care with both Chemical & Organic Products & Tools & so much more.

CariWebs worked together with the directors to deliver a seamless environment that would enable purchases, locally & regionally. Proper systems were in place to ensure persons had accurate information on each product & the automated framework ensures that the business keeps running, 24/7.

Meet Agri-Savers Ltd

Solutions Provided:

  • User Experience Modern Design
  • Content Updates
  • WordPress Development
  • Site Security
  • Payment portal
  • Environment maintenance
  • Virtual Marketplace

Customer Quote

‘‘Choosing CariWEBS was a SIMPLE & GREAT decision.
They were very professional & helpful in their field of work
 also making sure that we understood the steps in building our website.
Will DEFINETELY recommend them to other clients.’’