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Empower your educational institution with our state-of-the-art School Management System, crafted to automate everyday tasks and enhance administrative efficiency. At CariWEBS, we provide two exceptional models – ISS Desktop and a customized version – each boasting over 30+ features to accommodate small, mid, or large-scale schools and institutions. Drawing from extensive research, our solutions are tailored to tackle the unique challenges faced by schools, delivering comprehensive visibility and administrative control.

Key Modules

Key Modules of Our School Management System

Pupil Management

Effectively handle student and parent profiles, records, attendance, classes, and advancement processes.

Staff Compensation

Expertly manage payroll for teaching and non-teaching staff.

Expenditure Management

Document daily expenses and create on-demand records and summaries.

Electronic Communication

Connect via email with parents, teachers, and students by incorporating various email accounts and preserving email logs.

Dormitory Management

Easily oversee hostel accommodations, assign rooms, allocate beds, and produce insightful reports.


Organize exams, evaluate students, generate progress reports, and create custom exam setups (annual, quarterly, or bespoke) and actual-based average final scoring report cards.

Text Messaging (SMS) System

Dispatch SMS notifications to parents, teachers, and students with options to integrate multiple SMS APIs or modems, drafts, and message logs.

Financial Management

Streamline your financial tasks with chart of account, single and double entry, invoice generation, voucher posting in GL, payment receipt, and payment receipt posting in GL.

Resource Center Management

Maintain supplier data, book details, book catalogs, book issuance and return logs, and print barcodes.

Institute Administration

Utilize our multi-institute, multi-role, and multi-user platform to create and manage users with distinct roles, devise custom roles, and supervise multiple schools/branches from a single location. Enjoy the convenience of one-click backup and restore functions.
School Management System

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Our School Management System delivers an abundance of reporting possibilities, allowing you to access valuable insights into your institution’s performance. Customizable reports offer a holistic view of each module, featuring:
These represent just a selection of the default reporting options within our School Management System. Custom reports designed to meet your school’s requirements can also be integrated, and our database is compatible with BI tools such as Microsoft Power, providing unparalleled data analysis and insights.
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