Website Security

Maybe you just launched your new website & you’re looking forward to optimizing many of its analytical aspects/ features. If that is the case, then there is one thing that you should never overlook, which is website security. As more and more companies are going online, they are becoming more prone to cyber-attacks.

Website security is a continuious procedure and a vital part of any website management. Website security can be a complex matter in an ever-evolving landscape. So you should keep in mind that there is no one time solution when it comes to the security of your website.

Website security is a significant part of any online business because nobody wants to have a hacked website. Having a secure website is as vital to someone’s online presence as having a website host. A hacked website is worse than not having one at all, because it marks your company with a very bad reputation.

Some of the most common scenarios of website hacking people face are :

  • Exploiting site visitors.
  • Stealing information stored on the server.
  • Tricking bots and crawlers (black-hat SEO).
  • Abusing server resources.
  • Pure hooliganism (defacement).

Ecommerce Website Security & PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) helps owners of the online store by giving them a simple outline to follow. Following these outlines will make sure that all data you get from the card holder is secure. HTTPS is the most secure version of protocol that allows data transmission in a properly encrypted way.

Your business mission is a crucial part of your website, as it tells your target audience what you are all about. It also helps in getting started and providing various pieces of information like the goal of your business, your locations, and much more.

Your website allows you to share your story which provides a great first impression on your potential customers. So, make sure to keep your website engaging, updated and it will generate more traffic towards your business in no time.